ways to stop pollution


Pollution is considered as one of the harmful factors that affect our planet. It contaminates the air that we breathe and the bodies of water that we drink from. It amplifies the sun’s rays making it harmful to our health.

It is the source of the problem we face today because of the negligence of the people that came before us. It happened because we have forgotten how to take care of our environment. We tend to ignore observing every little thing that is happening around us.

It is, and will always be the problem if we will not help stop pollution. It will be a threat to the future generations if we do nothing.

What causes pollution?

What we do know is that pollution comes from a lot of sources. It may be the result of factory discharges, illegal logging, natural calamities, unwanted accidents and so on.

Another example of the source of pollution is mining. Mining is considered harmful to nature because of the chemicals it discharges. The chemical discharge pollutes nearby water source making it filthy.

The use and combustion of petroleum products results in the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances that affect the air. These harmful elements not only block the necessary amount of sunlight we need but also amplifies the ultraviolet rays that can lead to skin and health problems.

The impacts of pollution

Pollution adversely affects our health and the environment that we are living in. It affects everything it touches in a negative way. It snuffs away life and reduces the chances of the community to survive.

It intoxicates the earth, animals, and plants that come in contact with it. It can destroy the natural habitat of animals that results in mutation and other irregularities.

It may also lead to the total annihilation of an environment. It may lead to a long term or worse, an irreversible effect.

Help stopping pollution as early as possible

We can help stop pollution in the smallest way possible starting from ourselves. Being aware of what causes pollution, we must act accordingly to help stop it.

Build the habit of buying only biodegradable materials and practice recycling. Biodegradable materials can be turned into compost and help minimize pollution.

We can join certain clubs and organizations that help stop pollution. We can learn more insights add ideas on how to help stop pollution and share it with others.

Make others aware on how to help stop pollution

We can make others aware of ways on how to help stop pollution. We can teach the children in our communities and make them aware on what their actions can do.

We can join community outreach and other programs that help spread the awareness and help stop pollution. We can make use of advertisement, our social media accounts, and other means to help spread the awareness in helping stop the pollution.

We can make use of the billboards, distribute fliers, and simply inform others. It is our sole duty to help stop pollution.